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supporter / сторонник, приверженец, опора
имя существительное
supporter, advocate, proponent, adherent, believer, partisan
adherent, supporter, devotee, partisan, stickler, lover
support, prop, reliance, bearing, mainstay, supporter
имя существительное
a person who approves of and encourages someone or something (typically a public figure, a movement or party, or a policy).
Reagan supporters
a representation of an animal or other figure, typically one of a pair, holding up or standing beside an escutcheon.
The Leinster supporter has been actively engaged in fundraising for the hospital for several years.
He was the most vociferous supporter of the team, and he loved being part of it.
Tom is a staunch supporter of western teams, no matter what the sporting code.
Even the most optimistic supporter of this Italian team would struggle to argue their case in the Tour of Spain.
As a supporter of a team or an individual that gets to an all-Ireland final, there's also something very special.
I am yet to read in a newspaper, or see on television, a report involving a brawl with the supporter of a rugby team and the match officials.
You must have nerves of steel to be a Great Britain supporter , because the team will put you through an emotional rollercoaster.
an Oxford United supporter
He had a great fondness for sport and was a strong supporter of the Galway hurling and football teams.
Joe took a keen interest in sport and was a renowned supporter of the Mayo teams.