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supply / поставлять, снабжать, подавать
supply, deliver, produce, cater, purvey, run
supply, provide, furnish, equip, deliver, serve
feed, serve, submit, supply, give, lodge
имя существительное
supply, delivery, procurement, purveyance
offer, sentence, proposal, supply, suggestion, offering
supply, provision, delivery, equipment, purveyance, communication
имя прилагательное
feeding, supply
supply, feeding, delivery, nutrient, nutritive, trophic
supply, feeding
flexibly, supply
имя существительное
a stock of a resource from which a person or place can be provided with the necessary amount of that resource.
there were fears that the drought would limit the exhibition's water supply
make (something needed or wanted) available to someone; provide.
the farm supplies apples to cider makers
we had a plentiful supply of fuel
After university I completed my teacher training - I was able to work as a supply teacher whenever I had a day or two off from acting.
The partnership can also supply crime prevention information to the elderly.
In the short term, at least, demand for service is far outpacing supply .
A proposed wind farm consisting of ten wind turbines will supply the electricity needs of more than 20,000 homes.
The school had tried and failed to find a supply teacher but by the afternoon a colleague from another school had agreed to take the class.
We know that producers will offer more supply at a higher price than a lower price, and we know that more consumers will buy more at a lower price than a higher price.
He glanced up at the window in time to see the sun glint off the side of a small supply ship not more than 20 yards in front of him.
Most of the weighting is for qualitative factors such as whether the quality and timeliness of supply could be assured, the effects on other parts of the firm, and so on.
Apart from a small team of other ice-bound colleagues, his only contact with the outside world for two years was a single visit by a supply ship.