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supplement / дополнение, приложение, добавление
имя существительное
addition, complement, supplement, annex, addendum, adjunct
application, annex, appendix, supplement, enclosure, addendum
addition, appendix, supplementation, supplement, extension, adjunction
complement, supplement, pad, elaborate
replenish, supplement, fill in, recruit, make up, fill out
add, add to, append, supplement, throw in, tag
имя существительное
something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.
the handout is a supplement to the official manual
the amount by which an angle is less than 180°.
add an extra element or amount to.
she took the job to supplement her husband's income
The study is a valuable supplement to our knowledge about the history of the implementation of the social market economy in West Germany.
Many people depend on the tax credit money to pay for their childcare, and supplement their incomes.
On the other hand, the Accelerando Series is a useful supplement to piano instruction for the elementary pianist of any age.
she took the job to supplement her husband's income
Of course, what most students do is supplement their income by borrowing from the bank.
Anti-lock brakes are a supplement to the standard brake pedal UI, just like power steering is an addition to the usual steering wheel.
As to the cars on display, most of the principal revelations are referred to in a separate article in the motoring supplement which accompanies this week's paper.
He shows a photograph taken from a Dutch newspaper supplement in which a beautiful model rests her head on it as a pillow.
our special supplement is packed with ideas for healthy hair
The aim of the new supplement insert is to promote South African art as a serious long-term investment opportunity.