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supplant / вытеснять, выживать, занимать место
displace, crowd out, supplant, supersede, crowd, oust
survive, outlive, pull through, get through, overlive, supplant
занимать место
rank, supplant, reserve a seat, supersede, oust
supersede and replace.
another discovery could supplant the original finding
another discovery could supplant the original finding
All in all, this is one case where the supplements supplant the film they are supposed to enhance.
‘They’ were robots, automated manufacturing equipment that was going to supplant human employment.
Science, by which he meant rational inquiry, would eventually supplant religion, he maintained, and guide the direction of human progress.
I have also seen patternmaking techniques designed to fit the human body supplanted by techniques that maximize fabric usage and ease of production, giving us garments that fit no one properly.
The city of real buildings is being supplanted by a city of stalls and kiosks, a city made entirely of accretions.
One reality supplants another as a drab home is replaced with opulent apartments and decadent parties.
But this, in turn, is supplanted by the increasingly theoretical, increasingly subdivided abstraction for which she later became known in Paris.
I have no problem with comedians who use politics as the backbone of comedy; the problem comes when nastiness supplants humor.
And he knows that the economic power of capitalism supplants the dictatorial power he envisions for himself.