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supervene / следовать за, происходить вслед за, вытекать из
следовать за
succeed, supervene, string along with
происходить вслед за
вытекать из
occur later than a specified or implied event or action, typically in such a way as to change the situation.
any plan that is made is liable to be disrupted by supervening events
Even when the tort occurs first a subsequent event may supervene , removing the causative potency of the original wrong.
Only in rare instances do serious complications supervene .
Sleep disorders, disorientation, and fatigue may supervene , followed by serious intellectual deterioration, such as the inability to speak, recognize objects, read, or write.
For instance, it has been claimed that events supervene on their participants, or that objects depend on the events in which they partake.
Ulceration and gangrene may then supervene and can result in loss of the limb if not treated.
the view that mental events supervene upon physical ones
For consider an epiphenomenalist substance dualist, who holds the completeness of physics, and that mental properties supervene on physical properties, and yet mental properties are properties of a mental substance.
Bronchitis and pneumonia may supervene , resulting in hospital admission and sometimes death.
If all the atoms within you and in your vicinity have absolutely determinate properties, then the indeterminate mass and shape and volume of you, your brain, and your teeth somehow supervene on the determinate microstructure.
the view that mental events supervene upon physical ones