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superstructure / надстройка, верхнее строение, надпалубные сооружения
имя существительное
superstructure, bulkhead
верхнее строение
надпалубные сооружения
имя существительное
a structure built on top of something else.
Despite our lack of information about the superstructures of the nearby tombs (lining the Via Labicana and adjacent to Eurysaces' monument), we know that Eurysaces' tomb had to contend with at least one of his neighbors.
The main superstructure frame is formed from reinforced concrete with post-tensioned, ribbed slab floors.
Due to the size, weight and cost of large buildings, testing the substructure's ability to carry the superstructure , becomes imperative.
Paired with the Labors of Adam and Eve in the British Library and Huntington Library Speculum books is an image of Noah's ark, a bargelike vessel with a basilican superstructure beneath a dove with outstretched wings.
In plan, the superstructure of the building consists of three zones.
A socialist critic who focuses on the reciprocity between infrastructure and superstructure would argue back that modes of cultural representation cannot but be saturated with the material base of the society.
There are three distinct parts to the building, the most visible being an articulated tented superstructure of taut fabric and cables and bristling masts.
How far do the demands of the capitalist economy shape the political and cultural superstructure ?
Like the boats in all these paintings, it's just a hull, without masts or any kind of superstructure , adrift and empty, a kind of ghost ship.
The base, below ground level, is in-situ concrete, but the superstructure above the cross-aisle is prefabricated.
a distinction between foundations and superstructure, basic and non-basic beliefs, is central