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supersonic / сверхзвуковой, ультразвуковой, надтональный
имя прилагательное
supersonic, ultrasonic, hypersonic, hyperacoustic, faster-than-sound
ultrasonic, supersonic, hypersonic
имя прилагательное
involving or denoting a speed greater than that of sound.
That's what happened with some earlier French technological marvels such as the supersonic Concorde, fast-breeder nuclear reactor, and the Minitel, a telephone-based Internet precursor, that failed to find global markets.
Charitably, perhaps we should conclude that commercial supersonic air travel is something that we (the world economy) just cannot afford, or, at least, does not desire to afford.
It is just as stunning today as it was in 1969, when the 100-seater supersonic flying machine first took to the skies.
Like supersonic airplanes, bullets create shock waves - mini-sonic booms - as they speed through the air.
The F - 16 fighter jet is, as supersonic military aircraft go, a modest machine.
But to meet the military's complex requirements, contractors would have to produce a stealthy, supersonic fighter to meet the specific needs of the Air Force, Navy, and Marines.
But, if the boom can be eliminated, the company is a likely producer of aircraft that can carry passengers coast-to-coast at supersonic speeds, he indicated.
Quick with a quip and so square jawed that he actually dreams about his supersonic flying automobile, his heroics help keep the Supercar staff safe and sound.
It also outlines the experiences of the passengers and crew, and examines the crash, the refit and the retrial of the supersonic fleet.
This makes it more agile, particularly at supersonic speeds; reduces drag; and gives it an overall increase in lift.
From the explosive beginning, fighter sharks zoom like supersonic aircraft through shoals of fish that gracefully and miraculously reform again and again in tight protective circles.