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supersede / заменять, вытеснять, смещать
replace, substitute, surrogate, interchange, change, supersede
displace, crowd out, supplant, supersede, crowd, oust
displace, remove, depose, dislodge, dislocate, supersede
take the place of (a person or thing previously in authority or use); supplant.
the older models have now been superseded
And the wisdom of old age will supersede the passion of our youth.
She commonly depicts family gatherings, people sitting around a table in a restaurant, folks frolicking at the beach, children playing and people traveling; groups supersede the individual.
In the commercial world new technologies supersede the old.
To say that the digital age will supersede the analog age suggests a kind of technological determinism that begs the interesting questions that are larger than technology.
As feeling gradually develops, the screen space is made luminous by movements of the heart that slowly supersede the narrative drive of the film.
The Jekyllean doubling so familiar to horror, however, is again superseded by images of fusion, as in each bottled clone the human twin and the Alien twin have been unwittingly spliced by the scientists.
If you are an inveterate avant-gardiste, you need a quick supersession of new ideas, or ideas that look new, to replace what fate and chance have forced you to abandon; and there is a natural limit to the search for novelty.
In this show of works from 2001, he could be seen moving in a few different directions, but one major tendency dominated: fantasy now supersedes any interest in architectural reality.
This striking design supersedes the high fashion mantel, recently to have flooded the market, and provides a longer lasting, more sophisticated and timeless alternative.
Her photos communicate an openness to interpretation that supersedes the occasional temporal markers of bell-bottom pants or early punk hairdos.