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superpose / накладывать одно на другое, совмещать
накладывать одно на другое
superimpose, superpose
combine, superpose
place (something) on or above something else, especially so that they coincide.
a border of superposed triangles
The peptide backbones superpose best at positions 3 and 6.
Typically we would superpose a vast number of different computations - potentially more than there are atoms in the universe - and then bring them together by quantum interference to get a result.
The easiest way to tell whether a molecule is chiral or not is to try to superpose it on its mirror image.
The easiest way to tell if the mirror image is superimposable or not and superposable is to find the stereochemistry at the stereocenter.
A stretch superposed on the low force level resulting from shortening deactivation can again trigger SA, recovering the prerelease isometric force.
Your two hands are not superposable ; when your palms face in the same direction, for instance, one thumb will be up, while the other will be down.
While every electron is set to a spin state of ‘up’ or ‘down’, the horizontal quantum spin states are superpositions of the spin-up and spin-down states.
The windowing technique captured simulated sinusoidal and step changes in cell migration superposed on a persistent random walk in simulated cell movement.
After energy minimization, the deformed protein structures can be superposed on the native structure to determine in which direction the probed residue moved.
Enantiomorphs belong to a special class of symmetry that is actually closer to a dissymmetry: ‘the mirror image of [the crystal is] not superposable upon the crystal itself.’