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supernumerary / внештатный, сверхштатный, лишний
имя прилагательное
supernumerary, peripatetic, part-time
excess, extra, redundant, unnecessary, spare, supernumerary
имя существительное
extra, supernumerary, figurant, mute, super, walk-on
сверхштатный работник
временный заместитель
locum tenens, supernumerary, locum, stopgap, warming pan, supply
имя прилагательное
present in excess of the normal or requisite number, in particular.
имя существительное
a supernumerary person or thing.
They were there merely as props, as so many supernumeraries in his private psychodrama.
It's a disorder in which supernumerary bones form.
But the film also shows that society does not see him as such: it sees only an FOB, a supernumerary worker in a cheap laundromat, a potential Communist agitator.
Returning to Cardiff, he became a supernumerary registrar to the medical school before leaving to become a general practitioner in the Swansea Valley.
Various cases of supernumerary testicles have been reported during operations or in physical examination (without histological proof, however).
Consider, for example, the mid-fifteenth century case of Duan Gang, a supernumerary soldier from a guard unit attached to an imperial prince who resided in Luzhou, Shanxi Province.
Complete doubling of the uterine tubes may occur in association with supernumerary ovaries.
At seventeen he set out, working his way on a cargo ship as a supernumerary - doing the odd jobs.
Many of these men were drawn from among the ranks of principal and supernumerary soldiers serving in guard units of the Northern Metropolitan Area, a pool of men with a modicum of military training and ready access to the weapons of the day.
As the number of supernumerary troops in the garrisons grew, many were put to work on the agricultural colonies, becoming servants and construction laborers, or pressed into active military service.
A few words with my boss resulted in him being drafted as a supernumerary which became permanent eventually.