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supernormal / превышающий норму
имя прилагательное
превышающий норму
имя прилагательное
exceeding or beyond the normal; exceptional.
a supernormal human
These people are supernormal in terms of resilience and self-confidence.
He claims that his wisdom is almost supernormal in its capacity.
Their asceticism and bodhisattva qualities led their followers to attribute to them a range of supernormal powers, such as discerning other people's thoughts, clairvoyance and ability to ward off malevolent spirits.
Biotech investing is considered risky as it is based on assessing which pipelines can deliver supernormal profits.
Armed with these, an airline can make supernormal profits when seasonal summer demand is strong, while sustaining a profitable platform in the fallow winter months.
Of course, supernormal profit can be, and often is, competed away in the real world as people come up with innovations and new ways of doing things.
Does the current slowdown represent a minor blip or a signal that the supernormal profits enjoyed by drug companies may soon be at an end?
The onus is then on the incumbent monopolist to ensure that supernormal profits are never earned.
Anodal supernormality was consistently demonstrated in all the dogs studied both before and after subendocardial ablation.
No supernormality of the potential parameters (amplitude, velocity) is observed during the cycle up to 30 ms.