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supermarket / супермаркет, магазин самообслуживания, большой магазин самообслуживания
имя существительное
магазин самообслуживания
supermarket, self-service shop
большой магазин самообслуживания
имя существительное
a large self-service store selling foods and household goods.
Very little food at shops, supermarkets , and restaurants is local or sustainable.
The magazine found that visiting the local supermarket was quicker than shopping online.
After the month is up, the product can go on to be sold in the main supermarket if it has been successful.
The retailer is expected to convert the ground floor into a supermarket and sell the upper floors to a developer.
supermarket chain
He used to sell to supermarkets , but believes their purchasing methods have forced many local producers out of business.
For one thing, the company already distributes food products to its supermarkets .
In this novel, hippies pretend to live off the land even as they shop at supermarkets and eat at diners.
Sampling through December will be held at national shopping malls and supermarkets .
These figures represent sales in supermarkets , drug stores, and mass merchandisers.
I believe a casual glance at the food shelves of our supermarkets tells its own story.