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superiority / превосходство, перевес, старшинство
имя существительное
superiority, excellence, supremacy, advantage, dominance, preponderance
advantage, superiority, preponderance, overweight, odds, overbalance
seniority, precedence, superiority, priority, precedency, anteriority
имя существительное
the state of being superior.
an attempt to establish superiority over others
an attempt to establish superiority over others
Culturalism smacks of attitudes of superiority and cultural elitism - my culture is better than yours.
There's nothing like a worm attack that spares Linux to bring out the smug superiority in Linux users.
He'd love to flaunt the weapon like that under the very nose of the detective, further establishing his intellectual superiority over the dumb cop.
Such attitudes, he felt, supported whites' feelings of superiority .
As the privileged core of colonial English education, they were used to bolster ideas of English superiority over the culture and literature of the ‘natives’.
We chose this case because it was not a simple story of one innovation's demonstrable technical and economic superiority over an incumbent rival.
This, unfortunately, tended to manifest as an often crudely expressed affectation of superiority .
In his gallery of caricatures are the British who brought with them imperialistic arrogance and a powerful sense of cultural superiority .
he attacked the media's smug superiority