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superintendent / начальник, руководитель, управляющий
имя существительное
chief, head, superior, supervisor, director, superintendent
head, leader, manager, director, supervisor, superintendent
manager, administrator, managing director, steward, superintendent, banian
имя существительное
a person who manages or superintends an organization or activity.
the construction superintendent
the superintendent registrar
Near the beginning, the superintendent of the asylum states that the hospital is a ‘haven for the confined and confused’, adding jokingly that he means the staff and their associates as much as the inmates.
superintendent of district nurses
If the job of the information architect is seen as corresponding with that of a structural architect, then the designer must be seen as an amalgam of superintendent , and foreman.
the southern area superintendent
The Guildhall itself will run as normally as possible during the inquiry, according to the building superintendent .
the construction superintendent
Any movie featuring a rat leaping from a toilet to attack, or a sloppy building superintendent delivering a soliloquy on animal rights to his menagerie of pets, ranks up there with one of the campy creature classics of all time.
Better communication, says the senior superintendent of police, can warn authorities of any impending danger, so they can evacuate thousands under threat.
Columbus, a city in which African Americans only constitute about 25% of the total population, has a black mayor, police chief, fire chief, and city schools superintendent .