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superimpose / накладывать, накладывать одно на другое, впечатывать
superimpose, lay, lay on, inflict
накладывать одно на другое
superimpose, superpose
type in, superimpose
place or lay (one thing) over another, typically so that both are still evident.
the number will appear on the screen, superimposed on a flashing button
But my project is not simply how to superimpose these components - these maps; there is another layer to be considered: a base map of a completely different scale and intensity.
His combined work in sound and electricity led him to devise a means of transmitting several telegraphic messages at once over a single wire by superimposing intermittent currents of differing frequencies.
At the same time, once he had written his music down for others to play, he detested the superimposition of another taste.
The crystal structure of hagfish insulin has also been determined and it is virtually superimposable with porcine insulin.
These two sets of results are so closely similar they are virtually superimposable on each other.
On the poster, the now famous Gelede mask is superimposed upon a world globe, its wings stretching across west Africa into the Atlantic Ocean.
The analysis of unfolding curves of both proteins was done with the assumption of a simple two-state transition, as the denaturation profiles obtained from different spectroscopic means were completely superimposable .
I thought we could take advantage of that by somehow superimposing the letters of the two words.
Most importantly, stereoisomers are not spatially superimposable .
There's a common theme here about superimposing different realities onto each other to see what you learn in the course of that process.