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superhuman / сверхчеловеческий
имя прилагательное
superhuman, preterhuman
имя прилагательное
having or showing exceptional ability or powers.
the pilot made one last superhuman effort not to come down right on our heads
He is a superhero with no superhuman powers; he's just unbelievably driven.
While you expect them to leap across rooms, tossing characters around like rag dolls with their superhuman powers, such abilities are instead reserved for boss enemies.
Why else have they honed their fighting ability to such superhuman levels if not to kill?
If the subject appears to have choice, autonomy, responsibility, and liberty, the power of superhuman forces looms just as large, and it is the conflict between the two that gives the drama its tragic dimension.
Their superhuman aiming abilities allow them to land perfectly aimed shots, even from strictly impossible distances, every single time.
This was a rare man, a master of pen and sword who plugged his own almost superhuman vigour into the power-source of revolutionary faith.
A 15 year-old girl with superhuman powers destined to protect the world from the creatures of the night armed only with a pointy stick and aided by some painfully earnest wise-cracking friends?
The English voice dub reflects this quality, with a superhuman effort put in by all the voice actors to make the roles hyper, authentic, and fun.
But I'm only one guy, albeit one with many superhuman abilities beyond those of mere mortal men, and clearly I can't play and review every game.
The humans will look, talk and act as regular humans, but will be gifted with superhuman abilities.