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superhighway / автострада
имя существительное
motorway, highway, expressway, autostrada, autobahn, superhighway
имя существительное
an expressway.
There were still some functioning ones on interstate superhighways running through the Southwest and Midwest Sectors.
an extensive electronic network such as the Internet, used for the rapid transfer of information such as sound, video, and graphics.
This is because the Internet is the information superhighway and most people use it for information of some sort.
And as you said, everyone sort of understands if you have a house that has to get demolished for a new superhighway or even park.
In Cape Town, the superhighway to the airport passes row after row of cardboard and tin shacks.
A superhighway connecting Hong Kong with Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong, was another first.
Who appointed these guardians of the electronic superhighway ?
The invention of the automobile, the development of superhighways and urbanization helped to spread fast food franchises, supermarkets, and convenience foods.
It is certainly true that the information superhighways running down the fiber-optic lines between major metropolitan areas are, for the moment, underutilized.
Over the last ten years, the number of Internet hosts has grown at an accelerated rate; slowdowns and traffic jams are plaguing the information superhighway .
New maquilas will be built in rural areas along superhighways , designed and located without regard to environmental or human needs.
It's 1995 and the information superhighway is opening its lanes for e-commerce and e-content.
But there also is loss of flora and fauna on Long Island, where superhighways and shopping malls seem to have taken over.