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supercool / переохлаждаться, переохлаждать
supercool, undercool
cool (a liquid) below its freezing point without solidification or crystallization.
Other common supercooled liquids are ordinary glass and asphalt.
имя прилагательное
extremely attractive, impressive, or calm.
the supercool tracks in this collection
She's supercool and super-beautiful but she's super-street too.
A truism these days among Internet angels and venture capitalists holds that a stellar management team is worth more than a supercool business plan.
Create an ice pyramid of shots or just serve up some supercool toasting glasses.
So if your record collection is going to be the supercool soundtrack to your life that you need it to be, somebody - SOMEBODY - has to have considered that fact before they made it.
I loved the laid-back, but still supercool environment.
Or ‘Here's a movie that both academics bundled in film theories and teenagers on hot dates will find supercool .’
In the late 1940s, D' Amato bought a struggling Atlantic City restaurant with a backroom gambling operation, the 500 Club, and turned it into ‘ground zero for the supercool lifestyle.’
Strategies that allow plants to survive freezing temperatures have been placed into two major categories: those plants that exhibit deep supercooling characteristics and those that exhibit extracellular freezing.
Incidental observations made during the course of this investigation suggested that hatchling C. picta can survive supercooling to at least - 15 [degrees] C.
The crystallization experiments were performed from 20°C to - 80°C since water molecules in confined spaces and/or adjacent to surfaces can be supercooled to very low temperatures.