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superannuated / престарелый, вышедший на пенсию, устарелый
имя прилагательное
superannuated, old-aged
вышедший на пенсию
obsolete, antiquated, outdated, archaic, musty, superannuated
имя прилагательное
(of a position or employee) belonging to a superannuation plan.
she is not superannuated and has no paid vacation
retire (someone) with a pension.
his pilot's license was withdrawn and he was superannuated
The PRC's combat aircraft are also superannuated , which exacerbates the problems of the PLAN.
The superannuated may perhaps devote themselves to reflection and advice.
Mind you, the annals of British sportscasting contain many examples of superannuated pundits who soldier on well past their sell-by dates.
His only job is as a superannuated marriage guidance counsellor to Blair and Brown.
I'M getting a bit fed up with superannuated pop stars flying over in their Learjets just to tell us to make less car journeys.
Off I went, an overweight, superannuated jockey, knees hovering near my armpits.
The council is holding its financial breath over the burgeoning black hole in the local authority's superannuated final salary pension scheme.
Pirate radio was about to be superannuated by the BBC shake-up that would give rise to Radio One.
People should use the internet to inform their purchasing rather than some superannuated arbitrary knees-up.
A dull - eyed shop assistant feeds the card into a superannuated time-clock which has been through a retraining course.