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super / супер, супербоевик, лишний человек
имя существительное
super, blockbuster, super-film
лишний человек
very, very much, extremely, so, highly, super
имя прилагательное
super, super-duper
great, excellent, cool, splendid, classy, super
excellent, superb, superior, superlative, fine, super
имя прилагательное
very good or pleasant; excellent.
Julie was a super girl
(of a manufactured product) superfine.
a super quality binder
имя существительное
a superintendent.
The managers and supers watch the workers suffer and feel themselves a class apart.
an extra, unwanted, or unimportant person; a supernumerary.
superfine fabric or manufacture.
especially; particularly.
he's been super understanding
above; over; beyond.
Some of them are not only super cautious but need to have step by step advice on entering the market and profiting from a good learning experience.
Some premium products, such as super premium ice creams, may use a 22 to 24 percent cocoa fat ingredient.
Yeah, she's super fast, super sexy and a dab hand in the kicks and slaps department, but in true cat form, she's a law unto herself and does as she pleases - sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.
One of the oldest dances in the world, belly dancing is super feminine and made for divas with belly rolls, shimmies, deep backbends and hip bumps - moves easily incorporated into modern street dancing.
I think sometimes I'm more calm for whatever reason but sometimes I'm super nervous and I get worried and I'll forget what I'm doing.
It's just super boring to talk about other people's spelling.
Providers cut rates on savings accounts all the time, so you need to keep on your toes and be prepared to move - and here are some super savings accounts and cracking cash ISAs to switch to.
And if you were looking for him, he wouldn't be an ugly, evil troll; he would be kind and popular and funny and charming and super good-looking and everybody's best friend.
As I talked about at the beginning, we'll see these super athletes who can slash the current world records, who will provide a more thrilling display for us to watch.
I run into these super sensitive people all the time.