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suntan / загар
имя существительное
tan, sunburn, suntan
имя существительное
a browning of skin caused by exposure to the sun.
he had acquired quite a suntan
expose to the sun in order to achieve a brown color.
a suntanned face
he had acquired quite a suntan
That would be the equivalent of wanting to sell empty seats on an airplane headed for Alaska to folks who want to get a suntan .
he had acquired quite a suntan
Shielding the bright sun from her eyes with a suntanned hand and grinning widely, she opened her arms and the girl leapt gleefully into them.
I tilted my head backward from its position on his shoulder and looked upward at his strong suntanned face and intoxicating blue eyes.
You can always tell you're in a football environment because all the women have very long, very straight blonde hair and impossible suntans while the men are all jowly and laugh too loudly.
Her skin was suntanned to a glowing golden colour, and her clothes were from the best clothing store in Hollywood.
More than 1 million milder forms of skin cancer will occur, and these are the ones tied to chronic or prolonged suntanning .
I even managed to take my top off and get in about an hour's suntanning .
Seeing all those skinny girls in the movies wearing bikinis and their long straight hair and suntans made me feel very Midwestern and un-groovy.