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sunshine / солнечный свет, радость, счастье
имя существительное
солнечный свет
sunlight, sunshine, sun, shine
joy, gladness, rejoicing, cheer, mirth, sunshine
happiness, luck, fortune, bliss, blessing, sunshine
fun, gladness, gaiety, joy, cheer, sunshine
хорошая погода
good weather, nice weather, fair weather, sunshine
имя существительное
direct sunlight unbroken by cloud, especially over a comparatively large area.
we walked in the warm sunshine
Unfortunately, it isn't all sunshine and laughter in the Tortoise camp.
One is also soothed and warmed by the brilliant sunshine that illuminates the painting.
His mind wandered as he felt the warm sunshine and listened to the singing birds.
hand it over, sunshine
When it comes to solar power, the Navajos have an advantage because the vast majority of their days have sunshine - often without a cloud in the sky.
Exposing prints to direct sunshine , but also artificial light from bulbs is one of the worst and most frequent mistakes.
Yet shining like a ray of blissed-out sunshine and catapulting its way into your consciousness amidst this mediocrity is the quite simply gorgeous title track.
It's a postcard-perfect day on the Toronto Islands - thousands revel in the summer sunshine , sitting on the grass, sipping a drink while listening to the latest in indie rock.
The climate is characterized by abundant sunshine , wide daily temperature ranges, low humidity, and rainfall averaging only 9 inches a year.
we walked in the warm sunshine