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sunset / закат, заход солнца, вечерняя заря
имя существительное
sunset, set, decline, sundown, fall, afterglow
заход солнца
sunset, sundown, setting
вечерняя заря
sunset, retreat, afterglow, afterlight
имя прилагательное
declining, sunset
имя существительное
the time in the evening when the sun disappears or daylight fades.
sunset was still a couple of hours away
The event begins at sunset and ends at midnight on scheduled nights throughout the year.
Imagine a scene: its evening, a sunset , and the sun slowly comes down closer to the edge of the mountain.
the sunset of his life
a blue and gold sunset
Last year I performed during Ramadan, an Islamic month when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset to cleanse the system and restore inner energy.
They will stop on the highest sand dune to view the sunset , and continue the journey to the Bedouin campsite in the heart of the desert.
After walking a little I sat on a bench, and there was a staggering sunset on that evening.
His life encompassed the high noon and early sunset of Britain's world power.
At sunset they make their nightly exodus for a dinner of 30,000 pounds of insects in East Texas.
They do not pay social security taxes and thus will not be able to draw a pension when they reach their sunset years.