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sunroof / люк на крыше
крыша с окошком
имя существительное
a panel in the roof of a car that can be opened for extra ventilation.
Children can easily get sunburnt through open car windows and sunroofs , so make sure their arms and legs are covered with loose clothing, attach shades to the windows and apply a high factor sunscreen.
Both models come with alloy wheels, climate control and CD player as standard but it is worth forking out the extra €500 or so for the sunroof , as it is huge.
And when we drive through town, I'll open the sunroof and we can all poke our heads out like in the movies.
These include a rain sensing system which will not only turn on the wipers, but also close the windows and the sunroof if they are open.
You will have to pay a little bit extra for metallic paint and alloys (and an electric sunroof also falls into the ‘optional’ category).
You will have to pay extra for a sunroof and - this one is a bit of a puzzle - for rear centre three-point belts.
It's fashionable, performs excellently, and came with two air bags and a sunroof .
The ‘as standard’ list is long, including tinted glass, a very good stereo, electric windows, remote central locking, air-con and electric sunroof .
Every detail of the car is exactly as it would have been when new, down to the sliding sunroof , the very first of its kind.
Doors should be locked, windows closed and sunroofs shut when your car is unattended.
With everyone hanging out their windows or standing through their sunroofs , accompanied by the endless crowds of people on the streets, it was quite the scene.