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sunny / солнечно
имя прилагательное
solar, sunny, shiny, sunshiny, heliacal, heliac
glad, joyful, joyous, cheery, merry, sunny
освещенный солнцем
sunlit, sunny, sunshiny
имя прилагательное
bright with sunlight.
a sunny day
The lead actor is sunny and sweet, but she turns so very, very bad.
He's sunny , upbeat, and cheerfully polite, and always aware of what you're doing, how well you're managing.
I visited on a bright, sunny afternoon, and the overabundance of daylight made it difficult to see some of the exhibits, especially the floor-mounted video screens.
In the study, sliding patio doors lead to a large sunny patio in the back garden. The ground floor also houses a double bedroom with an en suite shower room.
A step down leads to the kitchen cum dining area, a sunny room with patio doors leading to the garden and two large Velux windows.
He's such a vibrant, up-beat character and you get drawn into his exuberance and sunny personality.
Public transport is cheap and effective, the weather is usually bright and sunny and Slovaks love nothing more than to sit at pavement cafes, sipping cool drinks, chatting and watching the world go by.
Will summer be a sunny time of rejuvenation, travel, special projects, or will it be a season of political heat, escalating hostilities, and individual anguish?
Day two dawned bright and sunny , and mercifully the winds were relatively gentle.
Treat the pond at midday on a clear, sunny day with no wind and no prospect of a weather change.