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sunlit / освещенный солнцем
имя прилагательное
освещенный солнцем
sunlit, sunny, sunshiny
имя прилагательное
illuminated by direct light from the sun.
clear sunlit waters
Cloudy, foggy, or rainy scenes are just as well rendered as sunlit ones.
The last autumn sunlight caught in the yellow leaves of the larches feels right in tone, and the transition from those sunlit passages to the darkness below is smooth.
Overall, the image seems to convey the nature of British weather conditions - muted sunlit passages and misty, cloudy periods - with accuracy.
Her sunlit profile blends with the fake lime-stone wall behind her.
A woman's sunlit face, neatly bisected by shadow, peeks from the window of a black Ford automobile.
In autumn, on the train to Pennsylvania, he placed his book face-down on the sunlit seat and it began to move.
Phillipe's journey takes him through snow-covered mountain passes, deep shadowy forests, sunlit fields and crumbling ruins.
While the sun will briefly dip behind some Antarctic peaks on New Year's Eve, most of the massive continent will remain continuously sunlit until February.
Everything else is a little too gorgeous; she seldom duplicates the slight sense of danger and tension that weaves through her best work, instead infusing everything with the sunlit brilliance of a spring day.
But for now, the garden is sunlit and, as ever at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, this play weaves its own summer magic as dusk turns to night and the moths take wing.