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sunless / тусклый
dim, dark
без солнца
имя прилагательное
without any sun.
a sunless winter day
For the inhabitants of Gibraltar this means humid and sunless weather, greatly increasing human stress levels
Dense clouds shroud Titan's surface, making it mysterious and sunless as well.
Most climbing roses need full sun, but there are a few that can handle a north-facing, sunless wall.
Repelled by the sunless , cramped conditions in the cities, well-intended architects became obsessed with order.
Come winter, he'll have to brave a frigid, largely sunless climate.
They are stuck instead for a sunless winter on an ice floe.
The project was very time consuming and always seemed to end up with us spending the summer sitting in front of a computer in some sunless basement.
The dark sky in Oshima Meteorological Station evokes a sunless world, a place where it is always night.
The stalls are now too close together and the canopies too wide, making the passages between stalls narrow, uninviting, claustrophobic and sunless .
The battery bank must be sized to absorb the influx of wind-generated electricity and bridge the gap of windless (and sunless ) periods.