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sunken / затонувший, запавший, затопленный
имя прилагательное
submerged, sunken, drowned
имя прилагательное
having sunk or been submerged in water.
the wreck of a sunken ship
at a lower level than the surrounding area.
a sunken garden
Its sunken eyes and protruding jaw give its face the look of a terrifying human skull that contrasts with its soulful baby-blue eyes.
Before its present incarnation as housing, the site was used for rice production, its landscape characterized by a network of sunken fields, raised terraces and dykes to contain the flooded rice paddies.
He's skinny and angular, with a hollow face, jaundiced skin, sunken black eyes and a flaxen mop.
He used to dive for coral and sunken treasures pinned under shipwrecks.
In addition to the raised terrace, there is also a sunken paved area ideal for outdoor dining.
Only limited acknowledgment is made of the most sensational of recent discoveries, the architectural and sculptural remains of an extensive quarter of the royal palace, now sunken in the waters of the harbor.
It includes a power shower unit, sunken double Jacuzzi jet bath, a marble topped sink unit and, above this, a television with a large mirror surround.
His face alone is a portrait of sickly, soured ambition, with sunken , shadowed features and huge, tormented eyes.
Filmed from above and below the water's surface, the behemoth station sits immersed like a sunken ship, shrouded in water and silence.
There are sunken ceiling lights throughout this area.