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sunglasses / темные очки
имя существительное
темные очки
sunglasses, goggles, sunshades
имя существительное
glasses tinted to protect the eyes from sunlight or glare.
Please put on your sunglasses to avoid the glare.
He comes across as a burly, brusque man with a penchant for cowboy hats and sunglasses .
He occasionally forgets a name, he loses his train of thought when there are distractions, and he has walked away from six pairs of expensive sunglasses .
Her foppish companion, along for the ride, seems both amused and distant in sunglasses , scarf and blazer, chin resting on his hand.
Yet he made each as distinctively his own as his trademark sunglasses and razor-sharp suits.
Sylvia went into a mod boutique and nicked two pairs of huge white plastic sunglasses with blue lenses.
Glasses or sunglasses are necessary while you are learning to cast the fishing line.
I wasn't hurt, but he shattered a brand new pair of $700 prescription sunglasses I had just purchased.
He shows me a picture of a man sporting only a luxuriant moustache, wraparound sunglasses and a pair of underpants.
I became a virtual hermit, only venturing outside to go the supermarket, and even then I'd wear a hat and sunglasses .
He's wearing white chinos, a blue short-sleeved shirt and sunglasses .