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sundowner / безработный, бродяга
имя существительное
sundowner, Jack out of office, out-of-work
tramp, stroller, vagabond, vagrant, hobo, sundowner
имя существительное
a person with dementia who becomes increasingly irritable or difficult as the day progresses.
Many seniors, my mother-in-law included, are loosely classified as " sundowners ," acting right as rain during the day but getting a bit muddled at dusk or later.
an alcoholic drink taken at sunset.
We are drinking sundowners by the Land Cruiser and musing that, if we set off on foot now, we'd still be nowhere in a week's time.
a tramp arriving at a sheep station in the evening under the pretense of seeking work, so as to obtain food and shelter.
Their routine of seeking shelter and a meal from farmers just before nightfall led to the term sundowners .
Having made good progress today, we have time to stroll to the bank of an ancient dried riverbed to enjoy a pre-supper sundowner as we watch the reddening sun light up the sky.
But my mother believes there is more to life than a suntan and a sundowner .
The bar is always good for a laid-back sundowner or three… and if you hang in there long enough you might even catch a live rock act towards the end of the evening.
Sipping a sundowner and tucking into homemade nibbles on one of the islands in the river before returning after dark to a hot shower under the stars was an unforgettable experience.
They are chastising themselves for not realizing the extent of mom's self-neglect due to confusion from sundowner syndrome, a form of dementia.
On the 16th to 18th floors, the club offers its guests extras such as complimentary breakfast, ruinously good afternoon tea and sundowner cocktails overlooking the city.
And in the roof he has put a glass look-out, perfect to sip your sundowner in.
Once you find a comfortable place to sit outdoors and have a morning cup of coffee or an evening sundowner , a funny thing happens.
The wine is an excellent as a sundowner on a hot summer's evening and does just as well when served as an accompaniment to a salad or grilled fish.
It was 17.45 in the afternoon and, at best, an after-hours call out will cost you an arm and a leg should you be fortunate enough to find someone willing to come away from their sundowners .