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sundown / закат, заход солнца, широкополая дамская шляпа
имя существительное
sunset, set, decline, sundown, fall, afterglow
заход солнца
sunset, sundown, setting
широкополая дамская шляпа
имя существительное
the time in the evening when the sun disappears or daylight fades.
There was no unified standard as there is in Judaism, sundown to sundown .
During the mid-day heat the animals take a siesta, so much of the wildlife activity takes place around daybreak and sundown .
That work kept us busy until well after sundown .
At this rate, they would be in the city around sundown .
From sundown on Friday until dusk on Sunday they will be in ‘character,’ dressed and speaking in the language of the 19th century soldier.
Known as gecekondu because they are ‘built at night,’ this squatter housing takes advantage of an ancient law that says if construction begins after sundown , whatever is standing at sunrise has legal status.
I worked from sunup to sundown ,’ he reminisces.
The city shows no slackening of pace after sundown .
Near sundown , I took him to a nearby beach in my punt.
Near sundown , Jude arrived, smelling like fish and incredibly tired.
Teams are chosen and the game begins at sundown .