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sunbeam / солнечный луч, жизнерадостный человек
имя существительное
солнечный луч
жизнерадостный человек
имя существительное
a ray of sunlight.
Light breaks over the horizon, sunbeams become sunlight, the key's grooves line up with the ignition's latches.
And she didn't think she would lose, not with the sunbeam falling on her face like the God's golden promise.
I fell asleep in the warm embrace of a sunbeam , but when I awoke the world was dark.
In 1665 he split a sunbeam into a many-hued spectrum by passing it through a prism in a darkened room.
There was one more chair, set in front of the others in the rectangle of light cast by a sunbeam .
the pianist was complaining about the sunbeam which was falling across her face
I recall how falling down was more funny than painful, how warm I was, and how in the afternoon the sunbeams and shadows of the trees cut across the trails.
For it is through believing that the sun rises and sets, the moon passes and wanes, the rain falls and sunbeams pour down that allows the order and sequence of events to happen.
Many of its spurs are prettily sunlit, and what they build up to is inspiring, apocalyptic, a burst of slanting sunbeams from a blue cloud-window.
Birds chirped as they zoomed through branches above us, their feathers fluttering brightly whenever they passed through sunbeams .
The three mirrors, 2,5 metres in diameter, will be guided by a computer to track the movement of the sun, capturing the light and redirecting sunbeams into a small park below.