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sunbathe / загорать
sunbathe, tan, sun, take the sun, burn, brown
sit or lie in the sun, especially to tan the skin.
it was too hot for sunbathing
We trek to the hotel, reminding ourselves that once we drop off our bags, we can go to the beach, sunbathe , swim, and relax.
Charlotte has been too busy working to get to the beach, and of late the weather's been too chilly to sunbathe or swim in the outdoor pool at her apartment complex.
Soviet tourists once flocked to Moynaq to swim in the Aral Sea's waters, famed for healing skin diseases, and to sunbathe on pristine beaches.
While they do not mind if they stay on the coast, they would like to be close enough to a beach, so they can sunbathe and swim regularly.
If you go there in summer, Seaside Bathing Beach is a good place to swim, sunbathe or just have a rest.
So they play pool, swim and sunbathe and have a game of golf on their day off.
During the day, the island is strictly reserved for those who prefer to swim and sunbathe in the nude.
At the moment, Quentin was lounging on deck, watching passengers sunbathe and swim.
Celts with a fair ‘type 1’ skin should never sunbathe while those with a ‘type 4’ skin get nothing but a glorious tan.
The couple were staying at a secluded villa on a private island in the Seychelles which only admits paying guests and were snapped swimming and sunbathing .