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sun-kissed / вс поцелованных
имя прилагательное
made warm or brown by the sun.
the sun-kissed resort of Acapulco
Though he was a Bombay boy, it was Goa and its sun-kissed beaches that stole his heart.
So, at the heart of it all, are the sun-kissed and sexy television presenter's life experiences really any different to that of other women?
Arin's sun-kissed face paled as her eyes widened.
But although composed in the midst of the Great War, they betray little warlike influence, reflecting instead his discovery of the climate and colour of sun-kissed Provence.
The village is more reminiscent of Maine or Massachusetts than of the sun-kissed , body-beautiful beaches of California.
To me, a sun-kissed Hollywood barbarian outside the gates, the key issue facing classical ballet is its lack of relevance to the culture we live in and the artistry illuminating that culture - including the best dance in our time.
He is a jolly Aussie, halfway through a five-year term and missing sun-kissed Sydney Bay where he used to run the magnificent Opera House.
Its sensuous black-and-white close ups of sun-kissed female faces warm the heart through their intimacy, perfectly reflecting the haunting soundtrack of multi-layered whispering bird song and wind.
She was staring outside, at the sun-kissed benches because her mind could not seem to bear her Biology teacher's irritating voice.
Her sun-kissed shoulders peeked out from under the waves of tresses.