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sun-baked / высушенный на солнце
имя прилагательное
высушенный на солнце
sun-baked, sun-dried
имя прилагательное
(especially of the ground) exposed to the heat of the sun and therefore dry and hard.
The sun-baked ground crumbled against their feet as they walked.
And from this sun-baked chaos to the austerity of Yi Yi we travel very far, all the way to Taiwan for director Edward Yang's absorbing treatment of an upper-middle class family.
As he showered he could imagine the water pumping up from the sun-baked earth, picking up heat as it went.
In the swampy bottoms, water-lilies rose naked out of sun-baked mud.
The World Cup overlaps the cricketing season here: the run-up to the sweltering summer months when sun-baked rice fields double as cricket stadiums in the suburban areas.
It smells of warm sun-baked nuts, earth and super-ripe citrus, grapefruit, still on the tree, a bouquet of character and unstinting generosity.
The renaissance of Down football began in style at a sun-baked Casement Park as the minors gave a glimpse of the glorious future that lies ahead.
Mamarrosa is also suffocating, a sun-baked place where the sky is ‘so blue it hurts’, the peaches on the sagging trees are rotten and cork prices are falling.
The oil of the olive was another: fuel for the small clay lamps, an ingredient in the cooking, and ointment for burns and sun-baked skin.
We are not getting into the whys, but rest assured you will enjoy the journey, through all the sun-baked villages, rides atop buses, sad parting at the station, not to forget that fond embrace!
Yet 2005 is shaping up as a return to those horror conditions, with dams bone-dry and sun-baked farmlands cracking.