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sun / солнце, солнечные лучи, солнечный свет
имя существительное
sun, Sol, Phoebus, day-star
солнечные лучи
солнечный свет
sunlight, sunshine, sun, shine
sunbathe, tan, sun, take the sun, burn, brown
греть на солнце
греться на солнце
bask in the sun, sun, sun oneself, bask
имя существительное
the star around which the earth orbits.
Venus orbits around the sun faster than the earth, which also has a longer distance to cover.
the light or warmth received from the earth's sun.
we sat outside in the sun
a day or a year.
after going so many suns without food, I was sleeping
sit or lie in the sun.
Buzz could see Clare sunning herself on the terrace below
Galileo was charged with heresy by the Christian church for having the temerity to suggest that the earth went round the sun .
But my child is only young, and is unable to apply lotion or cream properly and regularly in order to be protected from the sun on a hot summer day.
the rhetoric faded before the sun of reality
There is not one track on this album that doesn't pay ultimate tribute to the sun and the glory it brings to our lives.
The 25-year-old was due to attend the court last month but the judge was told he had taken his partner and their child to the sun for ten days.
the sun of the Plantagenets went down in clouds
So, leaving Ben to schmooze over a free lunch we got a ride downtown and enjoyed some welcome healthy food in the sun .
Copernicus must surely have had it in mind when he came up with the idea that the earth orbited the sun .
Ptolemy's view that all planets and the sun orbited the earth, was no longer a real option.
the sun of the Plantagenets went down in clouds