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sumptuary / регулирующий расходы, касающийся расходов
имя прилагательное
регулирующий расходы
касающийся расходов
имя прилагательное
relating to or denoting laws that limit private expenditure on food and personal items.
I call for legislating a mandatory sumptuary code strictly limiting persons licensed to wear them.
The Texas statute is sumptuary law that has no value in jurisprudence or society.
Ritual, extravagant traditional symbolism of rank and office, and elaborate sumptuary legislation soon appeared.
The next chapter shifts focus to define the ‘morality’ of color, investigating practices like sumptuary legislation, intended to control wearing apparel and facilitate easy distinction of social classes in public places.
The more covert and salacious these prints were, the more they were treasured by the general populace, who at such times were also frustrated by limits placed on their dress and behavior by strict sumptuary codes.
Under Raffles and for some time afterward, ground rent was virtually the sole source of public revenue except for sumptuary taxes on opium and liquor.
Such magistracies ranged from feeding the homeless, enforcing sumptuary laws, protecting common lands, to protecting abused women, among other tasks.
In fact, ancient sumptuary laws, explaining exactly what objects were forbidden by church and state, were read from the Anglican pulpit until the 1860s.
Puritan settlers abided by English sumptuary laws that prohibited extravagance and regulated clothing styles according to trade, rank, and wealth.
Trade was controlled through feudal guilds, and detailed sumptuary regulations governed the lives of all social classes.
But sumptuary taxes, although sometimes prolific revenue producers, often fail in their intended function; when set high enough on a commodity to deter legal sale, they are evaded on the black market.