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sump / отстойник, колодец, поддон картера
имя существительное
sump, settler, decanter, well, sinker
well, sump, fountain, draw-well
поддон картера
имя существительное
a pit or hollow in which liquid collects, in particular.
The firm also claimed that each skip had four drainage holes to allow waste liquid to drain into a sump .
The worst contamination was in the sump where leachate from the 230-acre site gathers before it is pumped back to the top of the tip, a council spokesman said.
One car's sump was seriously damaged by obstacles left in roadways by skateboarders.
One simple way to monitor leakage is to draw a chalk line in your sump to record its containment level and check it regularly for any unplanned loss.
Natural light seeps through to every sump , and it is magical to drift through the maze of stalactites studded with reflective crystals, the light dancing in the beams of our torches.
The oil will not have time to drain to the sump , so in this case it's better to turn the engine off and start it again later.
There is also a ladder frame assembly between the sump and crankcase.
A new cast-aluminum oil sump for the V - 6 improves both cooling performance and off-road damage resistance.
Precisely how an engine is sealed will depend on its layout, but typically we will link the cam covers to the cylinder heads, and the sump to the block.
Also set in stone were the cylinder bore diameter, the block's minimum deck height, and the minimum distance from the crank centerline to the sump .
At the moment, the closest most engine analysts get is taking average readings from the piston crank and the oil sump .