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summons / вызов, судебная повестка, предложение сдаться
имя существительное
call, challenge, invocation, summons, defiance, dare
судебная повестка
предложение сдаться
вызывать в суд повесткой
имя существительное
an order to appear before a judge or magistrate, or the writ containing it.
a summons for nonpayment of a parking ticket
serve (someone) with a summons.
he has been summonsed to appear in court next month
authoritatively or urgently call on (someone) to be present, especially as a defendant or witness in a law court.
the pope summoned Anselm to Rome
However, the court did lose jurisdiction over the person and it could only regain that jurisdiction by re-issuing a summons to the defendant to appear.
Too bad for that Czech or Afrikaans novelist who has not yet had the royal summons to appear in English.
And now, if he is to answer the divine summons , he must turn from image to reality.
Certainly Edward had never been singled out with a summons to his presence before.
First of all they'll issue you with a summons to appear in the magistrates court where, if you still can't or won't make an arrangement to pay, a liability order will be granted.
Paul says a revelation led him to return, implying that he was not responding to a summons from the authorities of the church in Jerusalem.
In the other summons , the first defendant seeks an order that the matter be remitted to the Supreme Court of Tasmania for hearing.
That was by no means forthcoming and on 23 August 1990 the respondent issued an originating summons in the High Court seeking possession.
they might receive a summons to fly to France next day
Costs of the matter will be costs in the special leave application and in the summons for the order nisi.