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summing-up / подведение итогов, заключительная речь судьи
имя существительное
подведение итогов
заключительная речь судьи
имя существительное
a restatement of the main points of an argument, case, etc..
Ali offers an objective summing-up of the life of one of South Africa's greatest icons, and therein lies its credibility.
The addition of such a summing-up is fairly standard among the major figures from before 1800, which often means that the history of the reception of their music is newly considered but not the music itself.
Based on a true story it may be, but it is drama rather than documentary, an accurate summing-up of collective experience rather than a meticulous detailing of one personal history.
A Tropical Farewell, the last concert in Civic Theatre, did seem to be something of a summing-up : Sculthorpe again and two big Romantic pieces played by half of the festival artists.
his summing-up left the jury in no doubt about his own views
It was a perfect summing-up of the whole affair: the super-articulate author of The Corrections dismissed by his would-be sponsor in a non-word.
Besides, you want to know what's happening while it's happening, not in a lazy summing-up a week after the votes have been counted.
The Dodsons' obsession with wills and funerals depicts their view of death as a great final summing-up , a logical extension of a measured, prudent, and frugal life.
There is little doubt that the summing-up was not as favourable as Forbes would probably have given.
Say how far you consider this a fair summing-up of The Clerk's Tale.
‘Think of Greece and think of Russia and combine the two,’ he said, trying to explain in brief his summing-up of Bulgaria.