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summertime / лето, летнее время, летний сезон
имя существительное
summer, summertime, summer-tree
летнее время
летний сезон
имя существительное
the season or period of summer.
in summertime trains run every ten minutes
Most people don't realize that the only way you can show improvement in the season is by doing it in the summertime .
In the summertime , its sheltered sun terraces are alive with open air entertainment from jazz bands to children's shows.
Blowing bubbles was always a favorite pastime during the summertime .
As it was the summertime , all the windows in the train were open.
in summertime trains run every ten minutes
During summertime , especially in Saint Petersburg, the ducks and geese love to swim.
Stella always knew who we were and would ask after my grandparents even though we were only there in the summertime for a couple of weeks.
He lives here during the summertime , and during part of the winter.
They were in the back corner near a bush that would have been full of roses in the summertime , and they were talking.
That's the hardest thing for me, to keep the weight on during the summertime .