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summation / суммирование, итог, совокупность
имя существительное
summation, summing, totalization, recapitulation, recap
total, result, sum, output, summation, amount
aggregate, complex, summation
имя существительное
the process of adding things together.
the summation of numbers of small pieces of evidence
the process of summing something up.
these will need summation in a single document
Some software packages give the user the option to select an unweighted aggregation based on a summation across the sample and a simple division by sample size.
their value is no mere summation of the values of their component parts
This implies that there is complicated (non-linear) summation of signals converging on to the cell from the retina surrounding the blind spot.
The paper is really just a ‘review of the literature,’ i.e., a summation of the state of knowledge about anything related to teleportation.
But I for one see nothing wrong with it as a brief summation of our proper role in world affairs.
these will need summation in a single document
We therefore confirm that you have received our cheque in the sum of £112700.00 being the summation of the above mentioned value of £98000.00 plus VAT of £14700.00.
Instead, a weighted summation of successive estimates of transmitted symbols is converted to VSB signal to supply the feedback signal for the iterative filtering.
The summation and multiple integration required to calculate the integrated likelihood for s 01 and s 10 are impossible to perform analytically.
The ratio of abundance in one year to abundance in the next was calculated as the ratio of summed counts in the two years, with the summation taken over only those sites that were surveyed in both years.