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summarize / суммировать, резюмировать, подводить итог
summarize, sum up, totalize, tot, tot up, recapitulate
summarize, recap, sum up, brief, abstract, recapitulate
подводить итог
sum up, summarize, total, sum, resume, reckon up
give a brief statement of the main points of (something).
these results can be summarized in the following table
We will now summarize the main results deduced from this tree for plant elements.
Use the activity to summarize a lesson and review material prior to a test.
Chapters Four and Five summarize the issues reviewed in the first three chapters.
to summarize, there are three main categories
Let us summarize the main findings of this section on the economies of Central and Eastern Europe.
to summarize, there are three main categories
We summarize the main issues and discuss the solutions that have been presented.
Let us first summarise the main contribution of Hipparchus and then examine them in more detail.
In any speech the opening statement frames and summarizes the main ideas of the body of the speech itself.
The main results of this study are summarized by the following conclusions.