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suicide / самоубийство, самоубийца
имя существительное
suicide, self-murder, self-violence, felo-de-se, self-annihilation
suicide, felo-de-se, self-destroyer
покончить с собой
suicide, end one's life
имя существительное
the action of killing oneself intentionally.
he committed suicide at the age of forty
intentionally kill oneself.
he leaves the service and then suicides
The foundation said that this year several potato growers of Uttar Pradesh and other parts of the country committed suicide because of over-production and no buyers.
Other songs have ageing rockers dying unmourned and a would-be suicide weighing up the pro's and con's of life.
he committed suicide at the age of forty
One member of the terrorist group was a suicide bomber who blew himself up next to a security fence, enabling the other gunmen to storm the religious site.
At least in the immediate aftermath of the election, the editors recognize that that position is political suicide .
A man dresses as a suicide bomber and carries a fake bomb.
For any processor, being associated with an outbreak of foodborne illness is not only ethically damaging, but financial suicide .
However I cannot see any Member of Parliament putting up a white paper suggesting this, as it would be political suicide for the individual concerned.
a suicide bombing
Of course all these men knew, as all modern presidential candidates know, that to admit to theological skepticism is political suicide .