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suicidal / самоубийственный, убийственный, суицидный
имя прилагательное
murderous, suicidal, deadly, killing, damning, homicidal
имя прилагательное
deeply unhappy or depressed and likely to commit suicide.
far from being suicidal, he was clearly enjoying life
Any tendency toward suicidal impulse must be carefully evaluated as well.
Since then, no party has dared to get involved in family planning work, considering it politically suicidal .
So when he became depressed and suicidal , it was not out of self-pity.
Despite some potentially suicidal defending from Celtic, Hibs failed to pull the game back.
Mr. Fitzwilliam said he monitored his wife's mood swings during her treatment on Prozac and believes that it caused suicidal urges which eventually led to her death.
Health advisors are meeting for a second day to look into whether antidepressants increase suicidal tendencies in children.
The benefits of exercise are obvious, but can overexercising be a sign of depression or suicidal inclinations in young women?
Within a month I had gained more than 10 pounds, had no energy and felt so depressed I was nearly suicidal .
A year ago I arrived at her door sad, depressed, suicidal , and tormented by my demons.
He admired her determination, but thought her survival tactics were a bit suicidal at times.