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sugary / сладкий, приторный, сахарный
имя прилагательное
sweet, sugary, honeyed, dulcet, nice, honied
sugary, mawkish, luscious, saccharine, syrupy, treacly
sugar, sugary, saccharine
имя прилагательное
containing much sugar.
energy-restoring, sugary drinks
They have a granular or sugary texture and are color zoned, with an opaque pale blue core and a white rind.
Perhaps in that moment I saw myself the way victims of my public gushing must when you read all this sugary sap about how happy we are.
No more sweets, fried foods or sugary drinks, including Gatorade.
Best not to linger over the ballads on the follow-up to his Concord debut: Cincotti clearly has a weakness for sugary sentiment.
Before you turn the page, wondering why I've chosen such a dreadful piece of sugary sentimentalism for this week's painting, give Greuze's grieving girl a second glance.
Pan-toasting the raisins gives them a unique crusty, sugary texture; if using dried currants, skip step 1.
The Food Standards Agency said adverts for fast food outlets and sugary drinks are fuelling childhood obesity and sowing the seeds for future ill-health.
Now, with the latest news that one in 12 children will be obese by the age of six, some schools are considering taking out machines selling sweets, chocs and sugary drinks in favour of bottled water and fruit juice.
There is deep frustration in staffrooms that school catering companies continue to stock vending machines with sugary drinks and sweets, despite the damage they can do to pupils' health and behaviour.
The whole thing's coated with a sugary Gen X slackerness that, for probably the first time in five years, doesn't seem silly or contrived.