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suffuse / заливать слезами, покрываться румянцем
заливать слезами
покрываться румянцем
crimson, suffuse
gradually spread through or over.
her cheeks were suffused with color
Chromatherapy is available in eight different colour sequences that suffuse the water with emotionally soothing light.
Appalled at his deliberate misunderstanding of her offer to buy him coffee, Serena felt outraged heat suffuse her cheeks.
It is thrilling to see how this desire for deeper spirituality, redemption and grace suffuse the poem even as it ironically ends with the beggar's spirited demands.
Sweet and spicy flavors, including date, pomegranate, coriander, and cumin, suffuse the foods spread out on a nearby buffet.
And Jenkins's achievements - and failure to grasp the supreme power prize - pervade his historical writing and suffuse it with insight.
It's all here: the suffusion of the scientific with the erotic, the fascination for catastrophe and mutation, the Burroughsian black humour, provocative notions about ‘creative cancer’ and ‘omnisexuality.’
Yet despite the sinister ideological forces at work, an uncanny tenderness suffuses this poem.
A member of the carotenoid family, lycopene suffuses fruits with color and offers several healthful properties, particularly for men.
Blushing is a matter of the suffusion of blood through the skin of the face for goodness sake - there's a perfectly good explanation of what the process of blushing is - but why is he blushing?
In most shots, virtually the entire screen is suffused with a red wash, which dominates and assimilates virtually every other colour but black.