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suffragist / сторонник равноправия женщин
имя существительное
сторонник равноправия женщин
имя существительное
a person advocating the extension of suffrage, especially to women.
Some prominent 19 th-century suffragists advocated adopting educational or property qualifications for voting that would disqualify most black women.
A militant suffragist , she energized the movement through her hunger strikes and her fiery rhetoric.
Maud Reeves was very involved in the Fabian Society and was an active suffragist and sociologist.
She devotes much space to Elisabeth Freeman, a white suffragist whom the NAACP dispatched to Waco immediately after the lynching to do an undercover investigation and prepare a report.
A brilliant and dynamic activist, Eastman was a committed socialist, suffragist , feminist, and antimilitarist.
Mahatma Ghandi made effective use of political fasts, as did the British suffragists , who brought hunger strikes to the American suffrage movement.
British suffragists and suffragettes discovered that renewed though it was, the Liberal Party that returned to office in 1906 in no sense had votes for women on the agenda.
Our struggle, like those of suffragists , abolitionists, and human rights activists will continue until we obtain our goal.
Republicans led the fight for women's rights, and most suffragists were Republicans.
Through journals like these, the vorticists cultivated a small public instead of the mass public that commercial advertising, futurism, suffragism , and the Fabians sought to marshal.
Hunger strikes have been used by woman suffragists , Irish nationalists, and Palestinian prisoners.