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suffragette / суфражистка
имя существительное
имя существительное
a woman seeking the right to vote through organized protest.
Interestingly enough, this was centered on many Protestant woman suffragettes who by law voted in school committee elections but were denied the vote for other city offices.
His mother was a novelist, a Labour Party member, and a suffragette who was imprisoned for her agitation for women's rights.
Katharine Hepburn was born into a family of free thinkers - her father a pioneering doctor in Hartford, Conn., her mother, a suffragette and birth control activist.
The longest - and most controversial - chapter in the book is devoted to the suffragettes .
What would the suffragists and suffragettes of yesteryear think?
He uses the suffragettes as ‘effective extra-parliamentary protest’ but fails to mention that not until the militants began a campaign of fire-raising and window-smashing were they taken seriously.
Women were considered not equal of men, and black people were considered not equal to whites until the suffragettes and anti-Apartheid protestors showed how wrong such views were.
From the suffragettes to the poll tax the only kind of protest that appears to get noticed is violent protest.
Her book is a decade by decade illustrated survey of the changing role of women in the twentieth century, from the suffragettes to the modern executive.
Like it or not, the activists are the suffragettes of the day and, as with the campaigners for women's votes, they attract fear, loathing and scorn in equal measure.
Her subsequent position in the immigrant community as the proprietor of a cafe, however, is more closely aligned with middle-class social workers than with the labor activists and suffragettes of the working class.