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suffrage / избирательное право, право голоса, голос
имя существительное
избирательное право
suffrage, elective franchise
право голоса
vote, suffrage, franchise
vote, voice, call, vox, organ, suffrage
имя существительное
the right to vote in political elections.
General elections with universal adult suffrage were held in April 1965, with several political parties represented.
a series of intercessory prayers or petitions.
Nor have we examined adequately suffrages for the dead, the question of indulgences, the role of Mary in Christian piety, or the sins of denominationalism against the communion that is God's present gift.
She was not a great statesman; neither was she a leader of the woman suffrage movement.
It consisted of six points: universal male suffrage , vote by ballot, equal representation, abolition of the property qualification to sit in Parliament and payment of Members of Parliament.
Successive extensions of the right to vote produced universal adult suffrage by 1928 and made the House of Commons representative of the nation.
For a short time in 1848 it appeared that the introduction of adult male suffrage might democratize politics, but the election to create a Constituent Assembly for the Second Republic soon dispelled any such notions.
But it has dragged its feet on expanding suffrage for the election of officials at higher levels.
Trinidad was granted universal adult suffrage in 1945.
The most significant of these was of course the ability to say mass, acknowledged to be the most effective suffrage for the dead.
Bulgaria's 1991 constitution, which established a parliamentary republic, provides for a multiparty parliamentary system and free elections with universal adult suffrage .
In the spring of 1848 the radical press, political clubs, and the National Guard bubbled with activity in Paris and provincial cities as elections under universal manhood suffrage to the Constituent Assembly approached.
He fought for franchise reform, but the country did not gain universal adult suffrage until 1950, almost a century later.